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Do you own an older BMW? Or perhaps you’d like to learn more about restoring an older Classic. Maybe you just enjoy those earlier cars before all the electronic gizmos. Maybe you’re looking for a community of enthusiasts to hang out with and  get help on your project car. That’s what our Classic Group is all about, the love of all things Classic BMW.

Classic includes BMW chassis types up to and including the E30…

  • All BMWs from 1976 and earlier
  • E12 5 Series up to 1981
  • E21 3 Series up to 1983
  • E23 7 Series up to 1987
  • E24 6 Series up to 1989
  • E26 M1 Series up to 1981
  • E28 5 Series up to 1988
  • E30 3 Series up to 1993

If you’d like get involved with the Classic Group (you don’t have to own a classic car to participate), watch for group events on our calendar or contact the Classic Group Coordinators: David MacIntyre and Mark Koepping.

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