Spring Garage Tour

Spring Garage Tour

by | Jun 12, 2017

Thanks to everyone who attended or hosted the Garage Tour on 4/29. The weather cooperated for the tour, it was a well earned day of sunshine. We were a bit overwhelmed by the attendance. We had over 40 people register for the event, which is a new record! This definitely created some logistic challenges getting cars into driveways, and coordinating the drive, but everyone was patient and helped us through it.

It was great to see Vince and Missy’s new garage and all of their BMWs. Vince has started placing wall art on the walls, and is getting moved into their new home in Wilsonville. The Fjord Blue e9 and 2002 looked great together in the garage. The driveway looked super cool with all of the CCA member’s cars filling it up. Thanks Missy for providing refreshments!

For the people that were able to follow the special route out to Nick and Melody’s, I’m sure everyone enjoyed it. We drove some awesome twisty roads that went out past Pete’s Mountain, and up into Oregon City. It was a beautiful drive.

Nick and Melody must have a good relationship with their neighbors (or at least they did before we showed up!), because they provided lots of parking in their driveways. We concluded the tour with a delicious BBQ in the back yard. We enjoyed seeing their new home, and e34 and e36 ///M cars tucked away in the garage.

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