Our First Kart Racing Series is in the Books!

Our First Kart Racing Series is in the Books!

by | Mar 5, 2014

Our 5 race series completed last night with our last races taking place at Sykart in Tigard as usual.  Some top runners in both GT1 and GT2 didn’t make it last night opening the door for others to stand on the podium in last night’s races as well as the series.

GT1 Series Winners

1. Scott Huck
2. Carlos Santayana
3. Bruce “no bumping” Feller

GT2 Series Winners

1. Michael Christopherson
2. Jon Garcia
3. Scott Gallagher

The series was a great success and we’ve already scheduled it in again next Fall.  Watch for some karting events throughout Spring and Summer at Pat’s Acres as well as probably a night at Sykart.

Thanks to all who participated and made each of these race nights so much fun.


Kart Series

GT1 Series Winners (3rd Place: Bruce Fellar; 1st Place: Scott Huck; 2nd Place: Carlos Santayana)

Kart Series

GT2 Series Winners (3rd Place: Scott Gallagher; 1st Place: Mike Christopherson; 2nd Place: Jon Garcia)

Kart SeriesThis guy drives as good as he looks!

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  1. Bruce Feller

    This was by far the most fun we had since the chapter began in 2010. A bunch of guys and one gal, Michelle Hows, driving together on a Tuesday night once a month for 5 months. Most of us had little to none – kart driving experience. By the end of the series we all saw incredibly better driving and faster lap times.

    This is the kind of fun that takes a bad day at work and makes it disappear. David Hows was the idea man for this event. He put it all together, and kept track of the points.
    David, THANKS. You are the winner of the series regardless of where you came in with for points.


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