Film Friday – BMW Films: The Rest of the Story…

Film Friday – BMW Films: The Rest of the Story…

by | Mar 28, 2014

Remember the dollar amount of the ransom in “Hostage”, $5,088,042?  Turns out that was not only a clue in that film, it was also a phone number in the 310 area code which directed you to a website “” or “” (both inactive today).  BMW marketing had devised a game out of the films and used the following films to point audiences to more clues.

Following are 4 short, somewhat chaotic films termed the “Subplot Films”; I don’t know if they were all released at once or over a period of time like the main films.  Take a look and then read on to get the rest of the story.

Days later, reports around the Internet began circulating that Apple had a small, hidden link on their website that had a direct connection with the movies. Upon further investigation, the subplot movies began leading viewers to a large scavenger hunt-type game that spanned across many websites. Not only was Apple one of the sites involved, but Starbucks, First Illinois Mortgage, and the Susstones sites were as well.

Thousands took to the web, trying to break the code.

Three phone numbers and a web address were found in the four films, which led many viewers to call or go to the site listed.

It was later revealed that the reward for putting the game together was a chance to register to win a 2003 BMW Z4. As it turned out, only 250 people were able to complete the online puzzle game and register to win the Z4.

The final piece of the puzzle was a voicemail, instructing the participant to meet with a correspondent in Las Vegas, the site of a VIP Party for BMW where the Z4 was given away to a couple from Bellingham, Washington.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this series…the end.


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