We hope you had an enjoyable holiday and are ready for the final push to the end of year and all that comes with it.  We understand it is a busy time for many so we will not have a December meeting.  We do have some activities already on the calendar for 2014 including a planning session (come help plan to make 2014 our best year so far) on January 11 and our Anniversary Party on January 25.  Keep an eye on the calendar for updates.

The board of directors is taking some time next Sunday, December 8, to meet and conduct some strategic planning for the upcoming year.  We’ll discuss ways to try and make the Oregon Chapter the best it can be and continue to add value to our members.

You likely received messages about changes to the default delivery of the newsletter.  No action is required on your part unless you want to receive a hard copy of the newsletter via US Postal.  Refer to the email for instructions.

Finally, there is a new section and results for the Kart Racing Series under the menu item Contests.

Happy Holidays


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