I want to cooperate fully but I don’t want to answer any questions or take any tests

Bill Montecucco and Angela Engström-Dawes, traffic attorneys practicing in SW Washington and Oregon respectively, were our featured speakers at our July meeting held at Portland Brewing Company on Tuesday, July 16.  Bill was previously our guest speaker 2 years ago and brought along Angela this time to discuss some of the differences in Oregon where she is licensed to practice.  We learned that in Clark County, WA Bill has a dismissal rate of over 90%.  So if you find yourself in need of representation, please contact Bill’s office at 360-735-8555. 

A few tidbits for those who couldn’t make the meeting:

Bill says – the officers have the burden of proving an infraction, so don’t give them what the need to build a case against you.  Practice saying “I want to cooperate fully but I don’t want to answer any questions or take any tests”.  If you can’t remember that, say you want a lawyer.  An officer must not question you after you have requested an attorney in Washington except to determine whether you want to give up your rights (which they will likely ask you repeatedly).

Angela talked about Oregon and things aren’t as clear-cut.  Let’s hope none of you need their services but if you do, please contact Bill’s office and tell them that the BMW CCA Oregon Chapter sent you.

Here is their full contact information:

Bill Montecucco
Angela Engström-Dawes
Attorneys at Law
405 W 13th Street
Vancouver, WA 98660
Phone: (360) 735-8555
Fax: (360) 693-5783

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